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Travelling Malaysia Part IV: Getting To Know The Local Entrepreneurs

I began my last post in this travelling Malaysia series by saying that the more time I spent in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the more I liked it. Well, forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but a few days on that rings even truer! I think that the first week to ten days in …

Travelling Malaysia Part III – The Big Banks & Fintech; A Symbiotic Relationship?

The Money Cloud, your best resource for overseas money transfer comparison, explores Malaysia, its big banks and the fintech scene. Read our earlier posts on Malaysian fintech startups to watch and and overview of fintech in Malaysia.

Travelling Malaysia Part II: A Singing Washing Machine & The Fintech Startup Scene

Edmund Ingham, PR and Content Manager at The Money Cloud on how the government is supporting fintech in Malaysia and the startups to watch. After 10 days in Kuala Lumpur I’ve finally got over the jetlag (it really can take that long) and I’m becoming acclimatised to the tropical heat. Kuala Lumpur has so much …

Travelling Malaysia & Exploring It’s Fintech scene

By Edmund Ingham, PR & Communications Manager, The Money Cloud Fintech is a truly global phenomenon, and on behalf of The Money Cloud I am on a mission to explore the scene across SE Asia and China. In almost all parts of the world, investment into fintech services and products is sky-rocketing, and nowhere is …

10 Of The Hottest Destinations To Buy Property Overseas

In our recent series of articles we have looked at how to open a bank account overseas, how to arrange an overseas mortgage, and how to calculate tax on an overseas property. So, with the hard work done, let’s indulge ourselves a bit and take a look at some of the best overseas destinations for …

How To Calculate Tax On Your Overseas Property Income – Advice From The Money Cloud

In this recent series of articles, we have been looking at the possibilities of relocating abroad, and in this section we’ll be looking at paying tax on an overseas property, or properties. A spell abroad can be an enriching experience for solo travellers, workers, families or retirees, but to make the most of the experience, …

How Can I Secure A Mortgage On An Overseas Property? An Overview By The Money Cloud

Most of us have been tempted, or even given serious consideration to buying a property overseas at one stage in our lives, and rightly so! For some of us the temptation is just a passing fancy; but for an increasing number what can seem like a wild and exotic decision at first can be, provided …

I’m Moving Abroad – Should I Open A Local Bank Account?

A local bank account can be a lifesaver when relocating abroad. Relocating abroad is something that many people will do at least once in their lives, and generally speaking, it is a valuable life experience that allows you to experience a new culture, enhance your career prospects and even make you a more well-rounded person. …

10 Unexpected FinTech Developments Of 2017 (& What They Mean For The Industry)

Fintech is now one of the world’s best-known startup buzzwords, and with good reason. The fusion of the finance and technology industries has been a long time coming – some might say too long – but now that the union has happened, sparks have really begun to fly.

Is Santander’s 100% Digital Openbank A Template For The Bank Of The Future?

Santander launched its latest product, the “100% digital” OpenBank last week amidst much fanfare and some bold new features and promises. Currently it is only available in Spain, but is expected to be rolled out internationally soon. So, after 15 months in the making, and having been re-built from scratch, can this re-launched product of …