5 Inspiring, Must-Read Blogs For International Travel Enthusiasts

Summer is here, and although it’s an opportunity to enjoy some rare sunshine (for those of us based in the UK), it also tends to give many of us itchy feet. Whatever you plan to do with your summer holidays, or even if you are considering upping sticks and embarking on a long term travel adventure, it helps to have the right resources to hand.

We have selected 5 travel blogs that will put you firmly in the know, introduce you to new experiences, and prepare you well for your next travel adventure. Who, knows, after spending time on some of these five sites, you may never want to come back!

The Good Life France

The world’s most visited country. Renowned for its cuisine, countryside, cities, coast, culture and cycling (we could do this for every letter of the alphabet!) France is an essential destination for travellers, expats, second home buyers, skiers and international jet-setters to consider as a first port of call. The Good Life France covers all of this and more, breaking down the country by region (know your Bordeauxs from your Burgundys), and exploring every aspect of French lifestyle and culture.

There may well be more to discover about France than about any other place on earth, and yet the country is approachable, friendly, and may restore your faith in the art of travelling and living well – much like The Good Life France, itself.

A Luxury Travel Blog

Indulgence is not a dirty word. There is nothing wrong with living well and allowing a spot of luxury into our lives, although some are inclined to embrace the luxury lifestyle more than others! A Luxury Travel Blog has something for everyone, whether you are an extroverted, wealthy pleasure seeker, or a down to earth type with the occasional splurge in you. Our planet is home to a plethora of extraordinary and surprising activities, experiences, holiday hideaways and opportunities for families, couples, or solo travellers. A Luxury Travel Blog is your gateway into the world of high end travel and exploration.

Conde Nast Traveller

Another publication targeting the higher end of the travel market, CN Traveller nevertheless makes a pretty good fist of covering the very best travel experiences the world has to offer. From the best boutique hotels in Bangkok, to Wales’ secret beaches, this publication almost literally leaves no stone unturned in its quest to find you top travel experiences.

CN Traveller enlists the help of celebrities, solo travellers, parents and die-hard adrenaline junkies to collate some of the best and most remarkable opportunities in travel, but if it’s simply a six-day spell of sun-seeking in Croatia you are after, this blog has the answer. With a tailored twist or two, just for you!

The Family Without Borders

Many adults with young families worry about whether to put their travel ambitions on hold whilst they are rearing their young. Whilst it may not be for everyone, many travel bloggers argue that travelling with children is an empowering and richly rewarding experience, and The Family Without Borders blog is an excellent example of this.

Embracing risk is often the best way of minimising it, and Anna, a press journalist, and Thomas, a web designer and photographer, and their 2 young ones have succeeded in squeezing in some extraordinary travel experiences, from whale watching, to island hopping in French Polynesia. Insightful and revealing, The Family Without Borders blog makes for inspirational reading – the perfect primer for families seeking international adventure.


Digital nomadism is a phenomenon of the modern, digital and tech savvy world, and the freedom it has given creative workers, young or old, to explore the world without sacrificing a regular income is enviable.

Unsettled is a community of like minded digital nomads that began with a few friends on a sailboat, and has now spread to just about every corner of the globe. It offers nomads, no matter how experienced, the opportunity to find like minded people, retreats, and every kind of travel experience whilst also catering for the trappings of freelance work.

Unsettled subscribes to the view that all you need in life is a laptop, an open mind, and a thirst for travel and adventure. One for the creative thinkers and wanderlust fanatics out there.