Alpine Independents Latest Firm to Partner With The Money Cloud By Hosting Unique Money Transfer Comparison Widget!

The Money Cloud are pleased to announce their latest partner who will carry their unique, ground breaking overseas money transfer comparison tool Alpine Independents.

Alpine Independents is a one-stop-shop online ski portal that curates the best independent ski chalet and ski holiday operators into one site – saving you time and energy.

The company, founded by successful entrepreneurs and ski-fanatics John McFetridge and Finlay Kerr, evolved from an earlier business the two founded, the Winter Adventure Company, that organised ski-breaks for the more discerning, independent traveller.

The Alpine Independents site features some of the best ski chalet properties available to rent, in many of Europe’s most desirable ski locations and resorts, all operated by top independent professionals, creating the ultimate independent winter adventure community.

Now that winter is here, many people’s thoughts will inevitably be turning towards winter breaks; Alpine Independents represents the perfect site to begin the search.

The Money Cloud Comparison Tool, which fits seamlessly into the site, adapting to its style and theme to match its design, is an invaluable addition to the site.

When visitors have located their perfect chalet and are ready to book, instead of securing the property by making a bank transfer, which means incurring a considerable cost in unnecessary banking fees and uncompetitive exchange rates, they can use the Money Cloud comparison tool to instantly save up to 85% on fees, not to mention benefitting from the best exchange rates on the market.

The Money Cloud uses APIs to connect with and quote the live exchange rates being offered by a selection of carefully handpicked brokers, chosen for the excellence of their service and quality of their staff.

It’s surprising, or you might even say staggering, that the vast majority of us – 85%, research suggests, still use banks to make overseas payments, when brokers; who buy and sell foreign currency wholesale and in bulk meaning they can offer much more competitive spreads; and money transfer agencies, who often use peer-to-peer matching services; provide a better, faster, and cheaper service.

Recognising this, The Money Cloud, founded by Emmanuel Addy and Huw Jenkins, both of whom have won praise from international governments for their commitment to revealing the true costs of international remittance, have worked tirelessly to create a simple safe, and trusted price comparison service.

The comparison tool is an exceptional feature that can be hosted on any site that wishes to go the extra mile and provide an extra money saving option for their visitors and clients. The tool, which adapts seamlessly to the site’s feel and design, can be installed simply by adding one line of code supplied by The Money Cloud’s tech team.

The commission from any transactions occurring via the tool are split with the site host; not only a handy extra source of profit, but a great way to inspire customer loyalty by saving them money – something everybody appreciates.

“We’re delighted to host The Money Cloud’s comparison tool on our site and would certainly encourage our customers to go and see how much money they can save paying for their holidays and breaks”, says John McFetridge, co-founder of Alpine Independents.

“If we can help our customers save money and even earn a small profit for ourselves by cutting out the middlemen and quickly finding the best option, then it’s a no brainer for us.”

“We’re proud that our comparison tool is being used by more and more sites to help customers get the best deals when sending their money overseas”, says Huw Jenkins, Chief Technical Officer at The Money Cloud.

“It may look simple and seamless on the site, and it is so easy to use, but the tech behind it is pretty cutting edge – we’re confident there’s no better solution on the market at this time.”

“The Money Cloud are delighted to be partnering with Alpine Independents”, a best-in-class site with a top team behind it, and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Simple. Seamless. Transparent. The Money Cloud’s comparison tool is the perfect addition to any site providing services abroad, from travel, to personal finance, small businesses, paying customers abroad, overseas property purchase, and much more.

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