The Money Cloud Partners With City Forex To Provide The Ultimate Hassle Free Travel Money Ordering Service

The Money Cloud, the original and best overseas money transfer comparison site founded by industry pioneers Emmanuel Addy and Huw Jenkins, today announces an exclusive partnership with City Forex to help travellers order their travel money online, and have it delivered direct to their office or home.

Now that the summer is nearly over, kids are back at school, and adults back at their desks or re-engaging with their domestic duties, it’s a great time to take stock of another hectic holiday period.

All too often, forgetting to secure travel money before leaving for the big summer holiday, resulting in a frantic dash around the airport to the exchange bureaus, or using debit or credit cards overseas, both of which result in hefty fees and woeful exchange rates, is the number one complaint of holiday-makers.

For some reason, buying travel money in advance never fails to slip down the priority list and end up filed under, “I know I should do this but I don’t know how or who to turn to so I’ll just go with what I know.”

Well, thanks to The Money Cloud and City Forex, who have made ordering and collecting travel mony as easy as sending an email, travellers can expect to enjoy a holiday windfall every time they go abroad, saving up to 85% on fees and benefitting from vastly better exchange rates than they will find at their bank, bureau de change or using plastic abroad.

All travellers have to do is to navigate to The Money Cloud Travel Money page, input what currency they wish to buy (144 currencies are catered for), how much they wish to buy, check the amount they will receive, and hit “add to order”.

Once they have supplied their contact details and chosen payment method (bank transfer or card payment), travellers can choose when, and where, they would like their funds delivered by insured postal service, or where they wish to click and collect.

Hit place order, and straight away your foreign currency will be either winging its way to you, or waiting patiently for your collection!

With a service as simple as this, provided by 2 award winning companies, The Money Cloud and City Forex, with a combined 50 years plus of experience in the overseas money transfer industry, whatever might go wrong when you take that weekend break away on the continent, business conference trip or the big summer holiday of the year with family, it won’t be your travel funds, and with the money you will save on unnecessary banking fees, you’ll have a great chance to treat yourself!

About The Money Cloud

The Money Cloud is an international money transfer comparison site founded in 2011 by Emmanuel Addy and Huw Jenkins, that’s focused on providing clear, honest information, so you can choose the best way to send money overseas.

The Money Cloud is determined to give people the confidence to try more cost-effective ways of transferring money abroad, rather than just accepting expensive bank fees and uncompetitive exchange rates.

The Money Cloud’s services include international payments, comparing Forex companies, bank-beating exchange rates and no fees for payments, setting up one-off or regular payments quickly and easily, tailored to your requirements, and 144 currencies covered through a network of authorised and regulated partners.

About City Forex

City Forex (London) have been providing travel currency services since 2004.  The Company’s founders recognised a gap in the market and have been exceeding their customers’ expectations ever since.  The company prides itself on being different. Different to the traditional travel money providers, with their uncompetitive exchange rates and commission charges. And different to the providers who lure clients in with cut-price rates, only to hike them up soon afterwards.