Overseas Weddings: Thinking Of Getting Hitched Abroad? Here’s How Much You May Have To Pay

There is a hopeless romantic inside every one of us, and if ever there is a perfect time to give it free rein, it’s your wedding day. How much will a dream overseas wedding set you back? At The Money Cloud we have carried out some research on your behalf, to make sure you have the “perfect figure” in mind for your big day.

Drum roll, please! Of course, weddings come in all shapes and sizes, from Irish castles, to Andalucian chapels, to Las Vegas boltholes! According to PerfectWeddingsAbroad.co.uk, the average price of a wedding abroad is £7,500.

For this, we understand, you get the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon; compare that to the average £20,000 cost of a wedding in the UK, and you start to see why a wedding abroad is such an attractive option for many.

The price differential is hard to explain. The UK is currently an expensive country to live in, and generally speaking, most things cost less abroad, at present, than at home. It’s partly related to the exchange rate, partly explained by higher wages, and partly to do with logistics. A summer wedding in Spain, for example, can be conducted entirely outdoors, with no contingency planning for rain showers necessary. Food and wine is cheaper, and being a tailor made industry, companies are able to secure the best deals and significant price reductions, without sacrificing the glamour and sense of excitement.

WeddingsAbroadGuide breaks the costs of a wedding ceremony abroad down by price per country, with some surprising results. Amongst the most expensive is Italy – a dream destination for many couples – a ceremony alone will set you back more than £2,000.

Only the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Canada are comparably as expensive, ceremony-wise, whilst in Malta, the US, Seychelles, or Mauritius the ceremony costs 25% as much – a little over £500.

But of course, there are travel costs to think about, as well as accommodation, guests, and practicalities. Will friends with newborn babies be willing to endure a long haul flight? Will ancient Auntie Mary be willing to march uphill in all her finery and a fascinator to a Spanish chapel on a sweltering summer’s day?

Timing is also key. Wedding venue prices are heavily influenced by seasonality, and with good reason. Some venues only work at certain times of year; book the wrong date, or season, and the results could be disastrous.

At the higher end, if money is almost no object, then throwing your wedding abroad presents all kinds of mind-blowing options. Amongst the most celebrated, our research reveals, are Schloss Prielau Castle, in Austria, overlooking the shores of Lake Zell; Cugo Gran, the Menorca based “Super Villa”; or how about getting hitched on a super-exclusive, super-yacht, in Cyprus?

Or perhaps you are thinking of following in the bridal-trails of some of the world’s best known celebrities? The Aman Grand Canal in Venice, perhaps, like George and Amal Clooney? Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland, like the Beckhams, Victoria and David. Or, Italy again, Forte di Belvedere, Florence, like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Yes, it would seem that Italy is the destination of choice for lovers tying the knot, which will surprise nobody, perhaps, given the country’s reputation for amore; a place where the moon hits the sky like a big Pizza Pie, and that’s your catering sorted, too!.

Me? I would get hitched at the Maranello race track, home of Ferrari. It could be a struggle squeezing that one past the in-laws, however!

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