10 Topics We Can’t Wait to Discuss at FinovateSpring


FinovateSpring is just over a month away, on May 23 through May 25, and we’re already excited to watch the stage fill with fresh fintech demos and discussions about the hottest industry topics.

Just as fintech is a constantly changing industry, so are the conversations, advice, and relevant themes. So when we hit the networking floor next month in San Francisco, here are the top 10 topics we can’t wait to talk about with everyone:

  1. Metaverse
    When it comes to the metaverse and Web 3, it seems like you’re either in or you’re out. While a handful of banks have already jumped in with two feet by purchasing real estate in the metaverse, others are dismissing it as a passing fad.
  2. ESG
    ESG discussions are happening around the globe, and formal ESG reporting strategies are on the verge of becoming more than just nice to have. With proposed regulation in the U.S. and beyond, now is the time to begin paying attention to this space.
  3. Generative AI
    The topic of generative AI transcends Open AI’s ChatGPT. While organizations are leveraging the technology to save costs, it still bears risk if used improperly. If you’re not a first-mover in this space, however, you certainly don’t want to be the last.
  4. Partnerships
    Regardless of whether you call them bank-fintech partnerships or fintech-bank partnerships, these tie-ups matter, and they are trickier than they seem. In many cases, keeping good partners can be just as difficult as finding good partners in the first place.
  5. Digital acceleration
    We may be three years past the golden age of digitization, but we’re not going back. Whether you’re a bank or a fintech, if you haven’t digitized your offerings and back-end processes, you may be left behind.
  6. Economic outlook
    Last year we were worried about a pending recession. This year, we’re sweating about the impact of bank failures. Does anyone know what we’re in for next?
  7. Decentralized finance
    The concept of decentralized finance (DeFi) was tarnished last year after the FTX scandal took place, and U.S. regulators have been on high alert ever since. There is more to DeFi than cryptocurrency, however, and much of the industry has yet to embrace– or even explore– the possibilities.
  8. VC investing and fintech valuations
    Venture capitalists are being much more careful with their dollars these days, and many are focusing their investments on early-stage companies. But how can mid-to-late stage startups get much-needed liquidity? Many have advised focusing on unit economics, saying that companies should focus on customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost.
  9. Embedded finance
    Non-fintech and banking companies such as retailers and service providers are looking to make it as easy as possible to make a sale, and embedded finance may be the answer. Fintechs can not only help remove the friction from the checkout flow, they can remove the “checkout” all together by moving the processes into the background.
  10. Customer experience
    We’ve been talking about ways to win when it comes to the customer experience for almost a decade now, so the topic can seem a bit hackneyed. There’s a reason for that, however. Customers have a broad range of needs, and because their preferences are always changing, it can be difficult for banks and fintechs to keep up with their expectations.

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Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash