2023, the Year of Commercial Lending Transformation


There are many reasons to modernize your commercial lending technology. Make 2023 a year of transformation for these core reasons:

  • Enabling a digital omnichannel experience
  • One loan system for multiple lines of business
  • Real-time access to data
  • System agility to grow

These all support the main priority—improving the customer experience. Consumer businesses know the importance of their customers’ experience, adopting technology that provides the experience customers demand—simple, all inclusive, and fast. Now commercial lending needs to do the same!

The right technology investment can improve your customers’ experience while modernizing your business for growth and success. Here’s how.

Attract and keep customers

Everything begins and ends with your customers. The most important factors in acquiring and retaining customers is how flexible, easy, and timely doing business with you is. Putting their experience at the center of your solution is critical. Digital solutions, fast response times, and personalized AI advice are the bare minimum your customers’ expectations.

Enable end-to-end integration for your omnichannel strategy

A customer-centric, omnichannel network that delivers integrated products and services is essential for enabling “ease of doing business.” This industry changes quickly and approaching your business as an interconnected entity allows you to support any line of business/product and pivot your focus to react to inevitable market swings.

Get Real-time, accurate data

Pre-pandemic, there was much discussion that by the time digital system upgrades were completed, any “nice to haves” would become “must haves.” And that’s exactly what happened. The need for a system with consistent, real-time, and trustworthy data will provide meaningful and sustained value for your clients and you.

Increase efficiency and revenue

Disparate and non-integrated legacy systems, siloed business lines and inefficient processes, manual, error-prone data entry, slow response times, lengthy decisioning and funding processes—all chronic obstacles that impact efficiency and profitability. Multiple outdated systems result in slow closing times, unclaimed fees, and missed renewals. Improve it all with one integrated system.

Adapt and grow

You need an agile, real-time core loan accounting system that reacts to client growth and market changes. Meeting market and customer demands means making faster loan decisions, offering “hot topic” products like ESG financing, staying ahead of market and regulatory developments, and keep pace with you as you grow.

Find the right technology and transformation partner

The issue is no longer whether to update your systems, but how quickly you can deliver a game-changing customer experience with real-time efficiency and revenue gains. Modernizing your commercial lending demands a technology partner with a targeted approach, a robust foundation, and built-in flexibility.

Start modernizing now!

Successful financial institutions are replacing their patchwork, outdated systems with a modern end-to-end, seamless omnichannel experience that will meet customers’ expectations. A system that enables real-time responsiveness, data trust, easy navigation, transparency, and agility is essential to create the sought-after customer experience. With AFS and AFSVision you get the innovative technology you need to enable modernization and deliver the customer experience your customers expect from you.