5 startups to watch: Bank Automation News unveils latest accelerator cohort


Bank Automation News today announced its 10th cohort of five startups who bring global talent and ideas to Fintech Discovery, the publication’s marketing accelerator.

Fintech Discovery, formerly INV Fintech, is a plug-and-play network that provides members with instant access to innovators, information and ideas that strengthen today’s evolving business needs. The accelerator aims to boost the exposure of emerging technologies and is designed to be the launch point for financial services companies’ roadmaps. These startups were selected after a rigorous review process by BAN along with its partners and mentors. Companies in Cohort 10 include:


Enteruptors is a regulatory technology that delivers the benefits of cloud, AI and data to regulation, risk, finance and strategy. The Sydney-based startup aims to re-engineer business activities with a focus on KYO, or “Knowing Your Organization,” and provides solutions that automate regulatory reporting, digitize auditing, process discovery, among others. One service, PerformInABox, is designed specifically for the needs of community banks and credit unions, with features such as Reggie, an AI assistant that automates tasks such as repricing, modeling, forecasting and budgeting.


Lendsmart is an end-to-end solution that automates and digitizes lending and home buying operations for banks, credit unions, and nonbank lenders. The New York-based startup’s suite of APIs and AI technology automates manual processes related to obtaining a loan, and refinancing or buying a home. Elements of loan applications are auto-completed, while a chat platform gathers information. For home buying, a centralized marketplace brings experts and advisors together, automating 70% of the home-buying journey.


Romulus is a document intelligence platform built for the financial services industry. The New Delhi-based fintech helps customers automate various operational processes that depend on extracting and analyzing third-party documents. The company was founded in 2017 by Goldman Sachs veterans embedded in technology, trading and derivative design.


Upswot provides actionable insights powered with standardized data from 120 API-enabled apps regularly used by small and medium sized business, and mid-market companies. The San Francisco-based startup offers a white-label business health “dashboard” that allows financial institutions to continuously monitor financial, sales and marketing data of SMB and mid-market banking customers for real-time insights and risks.


Vouchery.io is a marketing platform that automates personalized promotions like coupons, discounts, referrals and loyalty programs. The London-based startup’s programmable API-based infrastructure enables financial institutions to trigger the most relevant reward at every step of the customer lifecycle, whether it’s an apology voucher, a special occasion promo or an appreciation gift. Vouchery’s “Promo Hub” can connect to third-party e-commerce or marketing platforms to synchronize coupons across multichannel customer journeys online, in-store and across third-party affiliate partners.