A note from the editor


This isn’t an ending: it’s a whole new beginning.

We want to inform you that in two weeks, we will be relaunching Mobile Payments Today as Payments Dive. This will be our final newsletter from the Mobile Payments Today platform, but this ending will mark a new beginning for our daily coverage on all things related to the payments industry.

Beginning Monday, March 1, Payments Dive, a publication dedicated to serve leaders in the various facets of the payments industry, will be arriving in your inbox. This newsletter is designed with payments executives in mind, equipping you to navigate the regulatory, legal and technological challenges you face on a daily basis by way of original reporting, high-level interviews and trends analysis.

Additionally, if you know any other executives who will be interested in our coverage, please direct them to sign up at paymentsdive.com/signupahead of the March 1st launch.

We’re looking forward to getting started, and I hope you will join us.

Andy Burt

Managing Editor

Payments Dive