Announcing the launch of Daily Fintech’s Fintech 50 Index

Back in Fintech’s early days, in 2015, Daily Fintech manually compiled a list of publicly traded Fintech stocks and published it as a snapshot. Today we are releasing an automated solution called Fintech 50 Index,  incubated within Daily Fintech, so that we can cover more stocks and update it regularly.

  • Warning 1; we are not making any buy or sell recommendations. This is just data. DYOR (Do Your Own Research).
  • Warning 2: the pricing data we use has a 20 minute delay. If you want to trade, please use a real time service.

There is no paywall or regwall on our Fintech 50 Index. We hope you find  it useful, whoever you are are. If you are interested in licensing our data and brand, please reach out to us.

Fintech is growing & becoming mainstream. According to research by UBS, Fintech industry revenues will more than triple from USD 150bn in 2018 to USD 500bn in 2030, implying an average annual growth rate about three times faster than the broader financial sector’s. Fintech 50 Index is part of growing our content to match that reality.

Patient accumulation of equity is the best form of wealth creation, an obvious fact worth reiterating when we are deep in a risk off bear market.

 Unlike most Altcoins, most equity has proved to be a good long-term wealth-builder. Public equity is permissionless, transparent and liquid, unlike private equity.

That is why Daily Fintech created the Fintech 50 Index. We hope you find it useful.