Avanti Closes $37 Million Round En Route to Digital Asset Bank Launch


Avanti Financial Group has put the final touches on a deal that will bring the firm that much closer to its goal of launching a digital asset bank.

Late last week, Avanti announced that it had closed a Series A round, raising $37 million from a wide swathe of institutional investors, cryptocurrency companies, family offices, and angel investors.

The investment takes Avanti’s total capital to $44 million. Launched last year, Avanti secured $5 million in angel funding last June in a round led by the University of Wyoming Foundation and featuring participation from Morgan Creek Digital, Blockchain Capital, and Digital Currency Group. The new financing will fund the necessary regulatory capital for Avanti’s digital asset bank, as well as support engineering and operating expenses.

“Our roadmap includes offering API-based U.S. dollar payment services for wires, ACH, and SWIFT; issuance of our tokenized, programmable U.S. dollar called Avit; and custody and on-/off-ramp services for bitcoin and other digital assets,” Avanti founder and CEO Caitlin Long said. Long highlighted the number of customer inquiries (2,500+) that Avanti had received since it secured a bank charter back in the fall of 2020 and said that those looking to become a part of the firm’s digital asset bank should expect a launch “soon.”

Headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Avanti sees itself as a bridge between traditional banking and a world in which digital assets are bought, sold, and trusted as thoroughly as fiat currencies. A software platform with a bank charter, Avanti gives customers a strong regulatory environment compared to other digital asset companies, including a full-reserve requirement for dollar deposits and resources like its tokenized dollar, Avit, to help solve painpoints in the payments process.

Trace Meyer, who formed the consortium that led Avanti’s Series A, praised Avanti’s “potent, institutional-quality human capital.” A Bitcoin investor and early adopter, Meyer emphasized that both smart regulation and “experienced, competent operators” are critical to the institutionalization of digital assets, and said that Avanti was “well-positioned to competently answer questions that most in the industry have not even thought about.”