BA Ignite: Stash CEO to discuss automation as customer empowerment

The CEO of Stash is slated to speak at the Bank Automation Ignite virtual conference, which takes place March 2-3.

Brandon KriegPhoto from Stash
Brandon Krieg, Stash CEO and co-founder

Brandon Krieg, CEO and co-founder of the personal finance app, will join a panel on “Building the future of banking: The state of automation in financial services today” on March 2, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. ET.

Krieg will be joined by Matt Carbonara, managing director of fintech investing for nearly Citi Ventures, the venture capital arm of the $1.9 trillion Citibank, and Bess Healy, SVP and CTO of the $95.7 billion Synchrony Financial.

The New York-based Stash relies on automation for its approximately 5 million customers to save cash and invest in the businesses where they spend their dollars. The app also provides information about how users spend their money. All these functions are automated by proprietary technology built and patented by Stash, Krieg told Bank Automation News.

“Automation for us is all about customer empowerment,” Krieg said. “It’s really about creating a holistic platform where you can do all the things that you need to do in your financial life in one place.”

This year, Stash is focused on improving the customer experience, particularly in how the app helps customers set and achieve savings goals, Krieg said.

Krieg and co-founder Ed Robinson launched Stash in 2015; since then the company has secured $302.4 million in nine funding rounds, according to Crunchbase. Prior to Stash, Krieg spent more than 15 years in financial services, most recently as head of electronic execution at Macquarie Securities Group. He also co-founded EdgeTrade, an electronic trading, execution and algorithmic software firm.

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The BA Ignite agenda highlights critical industry topics, including the state of automation in financial services today, new use cases for chatbot development and deployment, dynamic CX automation and ideas to improve the customer journey, and automation of personalized engagement and enterprise workflows throughout the banking process.