Bank of America Tech Leader Hari Gopalkrishnan joins BA Ignite chatbot panel

Hari Gopalkrishnan, client facing platforms technology CIO at Bank of America, is among the experts sharing new use cases for chatbot development and deployment during the Bank Automation Ignite virtual conference on April 13-14. Gopalkrishnan will be part of a live panel discussion on April 13, at 2:15 p.m. ET.

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Hari GopalkrishnanHari Gopalkrishnan, client facing platforms technology CIO at Bank of America

Gopalkrishnan is responsible for key client-facing platforms and channels across the $2.8 trillion bank’s consumer, small business and wealth management technology (CSWT). That includes digital, online, mobile, emerging payments and commerce, contact center and voice, as well as financial center and ATM technologies.

On the panel, Gopalkrishnan will discuss Bank of America’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven virtual financial assistant, Erica, which launched in 2018 and now has 17 million users.

“We can humanize banking by making it easier for our customers to engage with us in a manner most familiar to them, versus learning various apps and screens,” Gopalkrishnan said. “Erica started with simple requests, such as account balances. Now, customers are using it as a navigation tool — like asking it to send money to a friend — and it’s evolving into financial servicing, and tracking account insights with improving intelligence the more it is used.”

Gopalkrishnan was named a 2016 Innovators to Watch for his work with an open wallet platform and for bringing Bank of America in as one of the first to join the ClearXChange real-time payments network.

An advocate for diversity and inclusion at Bank of America, where he currently serves as co-executive sponsor for the enterprise Asian Leadership Network employee group and chairs the CSWT diversity forum, Gopalkrishnan also serves as an informal mentor and coach for multiple local employee networks.

Prior to joining Bank of America in 2011, Gopalkrishnan was CIO for global data, operations and shared services at Citigroup, and before that served as chief technology architect for Lehman Brothers.

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