Banktech signs Ladbrokes as first partner for ATM Plus

Banktech, an Australian ATM deployer, has signed Ladbrokes, an Australian gambling site, to be its first digital partner for its CashConnect ATM Plus terminal.

To upgrade the CashConnect ATM terminal, Banktech redesigned an NCR ATM to include a banknote acceptor and QR/barcode scanner to allow customers to deposit cash into a digital wallet, according to a press release.

The CashConnect ATM Plus terminal is a “bridge between cash and digital payments,” David Glen, group managing director of Banktech, said in the release.

“The ATM Plus terminal is an innovative and convenient way for our customers to top up their accounts,” Karl deKroo, executive director, corporate development Ladbrokes Australia, said in the release. “We are excited to add ATM Plus as another means of servicing our clients and providing digital services to punters who prefer to use cash.”

Banktech built the back end of the cloud-based digital framework to allow a variety of transaction types and services to be added quickly and easily.

The company has begun converting many of its 2,500 CashConnect ATMs located in convenient places across Australia. The company’s goal is to have 200 ATMs upgraded to Plus terminals by Christmas.