BankUnited CTO Michael Lehmbeck joins Bank Automation Summit Fall

Michael Lehmbeck, chief technology officer at BankUnited, will discuss citizen developers’ roles in driving automation and governance for decentralized automation at the Bank Automation Summit Fall 2022 event on Tuesday, Sept. 20, at 11:15 a.m. PT.

Michael Lehmbeck, CTO, BankUnited

Bank Automation Summit Fall 2022 takes place live at the Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle Sept. 19-20 and brings together industry experts to discuss compelling technology content, including the latest automation trends, developing for cloud and pursuing embedded finance.

View the Bank Automation Summit Fall 2022 agenda here.

At the $36.3 billion BankUnited, Lehmbeck navigates the bank’s regulatory landscape and leads the adoption and innovation of the cloud. The bank holding company is currently working on two strategic initiatives aligned with its larger digital transformation goal: data transformation and API-led integration efforts.

“The data transformation initiative is exciting as we are working to enrich and make data more readily available to our business line customers to enable them to make more data-driven decisions,” Lehmbeck told Bank Automation News. “This will also have downstream positive impacts on our customer experience by enabling us to make it more personalized to each customer.”

The API-led integration is significant because it will help the bank release data fluently to the system and users that require it, he added.

Banks must learn how to navigate changes in mindset, behavior and culture in order to stay relevant in the digital age, Lehmbeck said.

“Adopting a more product-focused versus function-based approach to service delivery, adopting more agile methods in the way we work, continuing to cultivate a culture of innovation that celebrates the lessons learned from failure as much as the success that comes from the wins,” he said.

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