Behalf and Newegg to Bring Better Financing Options to SMEs

Small business financing and payment solution provider Behalf will partner with online, tech-based retailer NeweggBusiness to offer the firm’s business customers flexible, extended financing. NeweggBusiness gives its users access to a range of IT products – from laptops and desktops to servers and data storage solutions – at competitive prices. NeweggBusiness also supports smart purchasing by providing peer reviews, expert opinion, product tutorials, and the ability to network with other members of the NeweggBusiness community.

“Behalf is a great addition to our offering, as it gives NeweggBusiness customers greater flexibility in how they purchase and pay for the equipment that’s essential to their everyday operation,” VP of Business Development for NeweggBusiness Greg Fischer said. “Our commitment to deliver business-friendly solutions to our customers runs deep, not only in the products we offer, but also in the financing options that make those products more accessible to all business customers.”

Courtesy of the new partnership with Behalf, NeweggBusiness customers will be able to apply for a Behalf account directly from the NeweggBusiness website, and use Behalf’s financing for their NeweggBusiness purchases. Behalf offers an omni-channel digital payment platform that enables businesses to extend net terms and financing to their business customers. Once businesses sign up for net terms/financing with Behalf, they send their payments directly to Behalf who, in turn, pays the SME’s vendor by the next business day after the transaction is approved. Behalf helps accelerate receivables, boost inventory turnover, and gives small businesses greater control over their cashflow and access to more buying power.

“Financing has always been a challenge for small- and medium-sized businesses, and that is especially the case today due to COVID,” said Behalf CEO Rob Rosenblatt. “Access to capital is critical to the success of these businesses and Newegg is addressing the problem head on for its customers with Behalf.” Rosenblatt joined Behalf as CEO in August, replacing company co-founder Benji Feinberg.

Founded in 2011 and demonstrating its technology at FinovateFall three years later, Behalf announced a partnership in September with Georgia-based Priority Payments Systems and Priority Commercial Payments to offer flexible cashflow solutions for SMEs. The company has raised $310 million in funding from investors including Soros Fund Management, Viola Growth, MissionOG, and Spark Capital.