Best of Show: The Finovate Podcast’s Greg Palmer Chats with the Faves of FinovateSpring

Check out Finovate VP and host of the Finovate Podcast Greg Palmer (@GregPalmer47) as he interviews the innovators that won Best of Show awards at FinovateSpring in May.

From digital transformation and payments to customer experience and the future of finance, the Finovate Podcast is a great way to hear from some of the most innovative talents in fintech.

Greg Palmer interviews Jens Hinrichson and Robert MacDonald of 1Kosmos on the future of password-optional authentication. Demo video.

Greg Palmer talks with Deepak Jain of Wink on the future of biometric payments. Demo video.

Greg Palmer chats with Maya Mikhailov of SAVVI AI on on no-code AI solutions you can implement right now. Demo video.

Greg Palmer catches up with Hossein Rahnama of Flybits. Demo video.

Photo by CoWomen