Big Data Innovator SESAMm Integrates Generative AI to Boost ESG Risk Mitigation
  • Big data and AI company SESAMm announced the integration of Generative AI into its platform.
  • The integration will enable SESAMm to offer enhanced ESG risk mitigation.
  • Founded in 2014, and headquartered in Paris, France, SESAMm won Best of Show in its Finovate debut in 2022.

SESAMm, an AI company that provides investment firms with critical insights on ESG, risk controversies, and other significant events, has integrated Generative AI into its platform. The addition is designed to help financial institutions apply enhanced ESG risk mitigation. The integration also will enable the company to streamline the process with automated tools and other enabling technologies.

“With Generative AI, we are not only enhancing our internal processes but also focusing on the development of new features that redefine industry standards,” SESAMm co-founder and CEO Sylvain Forté explained. “These include intuitive dashboards, automated ESG/SDG event analysis tools, and a client interaction chatbot – all created to streamline data interaction and boost efficiency in risk management.”

SESAMm’s technology enables users to derive insights from web data on millions of companies in less than a minute. The company’s platform enables users to generate transparent, real-time ESG and SDG insights on portfolio companies, suppliers, as well as their own organization. Risk alerts and monitoring keep users abreast of potential controversies, and users can leverage the technology to build thematic strategies for ETFs and other index-related initiatives. SESAMm offers data from 20 billion articles and four million public and premium sources on five million public and private companies. More than 100+ languages are covered, as well.

This week’s announcement means quicker and more intuitive interaction with data on SESAMm’s platform. New functionality includes ESG/SDG event summarization and automatic competitor searches for both public and private companies. SESAMm announced that is will launch a suite of Generative AI-powered features in the second half of 2023. SESAMm’s Forté will host an online fireside chat on Generative AI and the Future of Finance later this month.

Founded in 2014, SESAMm won Best of Show in its Finovate debut at FinovateEurope in 2022. At the conference, the Paris, France-based company demoed its TextReveal solution. TextReveal is an alternative data platform that leverages NLP (Natural Language Processing) to provide daily sentiment and ESG data on public and private companies.

In May, SESAMm announced a partnership with Compass Financial Technologies. The two companies are collaborating to leverage web sentiment data to build a new cryptocurrency-based thematic index. In March, SESAMm closed a Series B2 round in March, securing $37 million. The investment took the firm’s total equity capital raised to more than $65 million (€50.5 million), according to Crunchbase. SESAMm counts Elaia, Opera Tech Ventures, and NewAlpha Asset Management among its investors.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk