Blueprint Title Raises $16 Million for New Insurtech Model

Insurtech company Blueprint Title recently raised $16 million, bringing its total funding to $24.5 million. Forte Ventures led the Series B round.

Blueprint Title launched in 2017 to tackle title insurance, a type of insurance that protects prospective homeowners from being sued for a claim against the home from before the purchase was finalized. These “clouds” can arise from back taxes, liens, conflicting wills, and other unresolved issues.

The title insurance market in the U.S. is small, however. Blueprint Title CEO Steve Berneman estimates that the market is comprised of four companies with 90% of the market share.

Blueprint Title offers an API that allows customers to search new transaction submissions, pull information about in-process deals, and view real-time updates when there’s a change in title status. Built for secure collaboration, the company’s portal enables document uploads and status updates that keep everyone up-to-date.

Blueprint Title is part of a wave of neoinsurance companies, a term coined by TechCrunch to describe digital-first insurtechs such as Metromile, Roots, and Trov. Blueprint Title’s model is slightly different than these three companies, however, in that it operates on a B2B model instead of marketing directly to consumers. The company’s client base is comprised of real estate investors, lenders, proptech companies, and home builders.

Blueprint Title is currently licensed in 26 states and operating in 19 states.

Photo by Andy White on Unsplash