Bridging the Gap: Connecting Banks with Fintech Applications to Accelerate Innovation

Upcoming Webinar: Bridging the Gap: Connecting Banks with Fintech Applications to Accelerate Innovation
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | Time: 3:00pm BST / 10:00am ET

The rate of innovation within the financial services sector has increased dramatically. As traditional financial services organizations attempt to keep pace, they often leverage technology from fintech providers to quickly develop or provision new cloud-based applications.

As a result, over half of fintechs globally are looking to implement new technologies that will support financial service organizations to better meet customer demand, enhance agility, and improve competitiveness. 

In order to achieve these goals, financial services organizations need to be able to easily leverage and provision new fintech services and applications, and to seamlessly integrate their existing production applications and data sources with these applications.

This is where a real-time bidirectional data gateway comes in.

This webinar will discuss how a seamless connection between cloud-based fintech applications and financial services customers’ production applications and data assets will enable faster innovation to execute a wide range of business initiatives, from offering more personalized services tailored to individual customers to streamlining operations and improving compliance with regulations. 

Join the upcoming webinar, in collaboration with InterSystems, featuring:

  • Joe Lichtenberg, Product and Industry Marketing Director, InterSystems
  • Michael Horn, Head of Financial Services Solutions, InterSystems
  • Moderated by David Penn, Research Analyst, Finovate

Photo by Klas Tauberman