Building a Financial Advisor for Main Street America

We recently chatted with SuperMoney Founder and CEO Miron Lulic to give us an update on the company’s platform that helps consumers reach their financial goals.

Miron, who strives on “creating something from nothing,” founded SuperMoney in 2013. The California-based company has raised $1 million and topped $2 billion in loan requests on its platform last August.

SuperMoney’s mission is to help Americans reach their financial goals. Tell us a bit about how you do that.

Miron Lulic: SuperMoney offers the most comprehensive, transparent and objective resource to compare financial services. There are a lot of personal finance blogs that write articles for whatever service is offering the best payout. SuperMoney is built as a platform to help find any financial product or service. The content found on our product profiles are dynamically generated based on stored data attributes. We are better than anyone at giving people the facts. Our community members provide a qualitative dimension about their experiences by indicating whether they would recommend or not recommend a service. These two dimensions combined help people make better financial decisions.

Furthermore we’ve made it easy for people to get competing personal loan, auto loan, auto refinance, and student loan refinance offers through our loan offer engine. We’re tightly integrated with all the leading online lenders so that consumers can submit a single application and get real loan offers back in real time.

Lastly, we provide a lot of financial education content that is financial goal focused. We are diligently working on expanding our ability to give people actionable advice that goes beyond basic content.

SuperMoney helps users with a handful of financial goals– from buying a house to getting out of debt. Which of these goals is most popular among your user base?

Lulic: Getting out of debt is the most common goal among our users. Our platform helps consumers find the best financial strategies for their unique circumstances. In some cases, that means refinancing credit card debt with a debt consolidation loan. For others, it might mean talking to a credit counselor.

We like to refer to ourselves as the “Financial Advisor for Main Street America.” Most Americans are not looking for help with tax loss harvesting strategies. They are looking to get out of debt, establish savings, and eventually buy a home. We are building the tools to help tackle these basic goals.

What is SuperMoney’s business model? How do you make money?

Lulic: We sometimes, (but not always), receive compensation when we refer users to financial service providers found on our website. This is similar to the model sites like Nerdwallet and Credit Karma use. The difference is that our unified platform provides the tools to compare a wide selection of financial services in an objective way, not just the ones that provide us with compensation.

In 2018, SuperMoney launched a product to help small businesses offer POS financing options to their clients. Do you plan to extend this further, for example, to larger businesses or to online retailers?

Lulic: Yes, we are in the final stages of launching an exciting new service that will open our financing platform up to a broader set of partners. We hope this will help millions of new users make smarter and more informed choices.

What’s next in the innovation pipeline for SuperMoney?

Lulic: We feel there is a huge opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence in the financial advice and planning arena. This is already happening in the investment sector with roboadvisors and AI-powered analysis. Yet, we have hardly scratched the surface when it comes to personal financial planning for everyday consumers. Our goal is to simplify the experience and provide smarter suggestions to users who are looking for basic financial advice.