Coin Cloud installs 1,000th digital currency ATM

Coin Cloud, a digital currency machine company, opened its 1,000th kiosk installation. The installation took place at Vallarta Supermarkets in East Palmdale, Cal, according to a Bankless Times report

“Our 1,000th installation is the result of exponential growth. We deployed over 120 kiosks this week, and doubled our installed base every six months for the last two years,” Chris McAlary, CEO of Coin Cloud, told the news outlet.

McALary said he is excited to see consumer and retail demand for digital currency machines growing so fast. “Our machines meet a critical consumer need because they grant anyone an instant, trusted gateway to the digital economy,” McALary told Bankless Times.

Coin Cloud offers a free mobile wallet app with U.S.-based customer support which is available by phone, email or text, seven days a week.