Crypto Industry Is Shaping up To Be One of the Most Male Dominated Sectors Finds Crypto Head

The crypto industry is shaping up to be one of the most male-dominated sectors, even when taking into account the historically male-oriented world of science and technology. New research by Crypto Head has analysed the genders of the founders of the biggest crypto companies and has found that less than 5 per cent of crypto entrepreneurs are female, highlighting the gender gap in the sector.

Of the 121 listed founders amongst these companies, only five were female. This amounts to just 4.13 per cent of all founders, showing that the crypto industry is incredibly male-dominated right now.

Crypto Companies With Female Co-foundersCrypto Companies With Female Co-founders
Crypto Companies With Female Co-founders. Source:

Adam Morris, founder of Crypto Head commented on the findings, “While we can expect to see more women getting involved in the crypto industry as it develops and matures, it would be valuable to these companies to actively include more women in leadership positions.

“This would be highly valuable as a way to improve diversity of thought in the industry, which in turn would no doubt lead to new developments in the crypto space, while also helping the industry to attract a wide pool of investors.”

The research also looked at:

  • The most valuable crypto companies:

    1. Binance – valued at $300billion.
    2. Coinbase – valued at $85.7billion.
    3. Robinhood – valued at $39billion.
  • The crypto companies who have received the most investment:

    1. Robinhood – total funding received $5.57billion
    2. FTX – total funding received $1.33billion
    3. Bakkt – total funding received $807.5million
  • Where the world’s leading crypto companies are based:

    1. California – Company Count 15
    2. New York – Company Count 5
    3. Florida – Company Count 2
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