CSI Helps Black-Owned Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Go Digital


Citizens Savings Bank and Trust, the oldest African-American-owned bank in the U.S., is the latest regional FI to partner with Computer Services Inc. (CSI) in order to offer its customers a range of digital banking services.

“We always want to honor and cherish the history and legacy we have, but we must also lead our team and our organization toward the future,” Citizens Bank president and CEO Sergio Ora said. “We can be very committed and passionate about our vision and mission, but in order for us to help people develop financial independence and wealth equality, we must have the resources and technology. CSI will play (an) integral role in giving us that.”

Founded in 1904 by a trio of African-Americans in Nashville, Tennessee, the originally-named One-Cent Savings Bank and Trust Company was dedicated to serving black Americans in the wake of the Civil War and, more directly, the collapse of Reconstruction. Still serving the community over 100 years later as the oldest, continuously operating African-American-owned bank in the U.S., the firm changed its name to Citizens Savings Bank & Trust in 1920. By 1946, the bank had reached $1 million in capital and deposits and, by 2014 arrived at its goal of $100 million in assets.

“For more than 100 years, Citizens Bank has never faltered in its mission to provide financial opportunity to individuals and communities who have been overlooked and underserved,” David Culbertson, president and COO of CSI, said. “We are honored that this important and vibrant institution chose CSI to deliver innovative solutions that will help its customers grow wealth, solidify their businesses and make their dreams come true.”

Citizens Bank will deploy Computer Services’ core banking platform NuPoint. The solution was cited last year in Aite Group’s core vendor report and praised for its “excellence in user experience” and ability to improve internal reporting. “CSI’s newly redesigned core banking platform … stands out from its competition as a result of its modern look and feel, graphics, and innovative way of displaying banking relationships,” Aite Group senior analyst David Albertazzi said last spring.

Headquartered in neighboring Kentucky and founded in 1965, Computer Services Inc. provides digital banking, cybersecurity and IT, and regulatory compliance solutions to financial institutions and corporations around the world. Last month, CSI teamed up with Finovate alum Featurespace to launch a new anti-money laundering solution, WatchDOG AML. Also in December, the company announced a partnership with Iowa-based Premier Bank – who will also deploy CSI’s NuPoint solution.

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels