Dave “The Ambassador” Birch Joins Digital Jersey


Consult Hyperion’s Global Ambassador – and frequent Finovate keynote speaker – David Birch is bringing his diplomatic talents to Digital Jersey, where he has been named the Fintech Ambassador for the island-based technology hub.

“I’m delighted to take on this role with Digital Jersey,” Birch said in a statement. “After visiting the island many times over the last few years, I have seen first-hand the opportunities provided by the technology and regulatory infrastructure there. This, combined with its world-class connectivity with an agile, innovative mindset, makes Jersey an interesting proposition in the Fintech space. I’m looking forward to working more closely with the DJ team.”

The largest of the islands in the English Channel between England and France, Jersey is home to Digital Jersey, a state-supported economic development agency and association designed to help grow the island’s digital sector. Established in 2013, Digital Jersey offers a co-working space for technology workers (with both hot and dedicated desks), as well as a lab designed specifically for testing IoT solutions, Digital Jersey Xchange (DJX). In addition to promoting sustainable economic growth on the estimated 107,000-person island and creating a “connected, digital society and enhanced quality of life” there, Digital Jersey also seeks to establish itself as a world-renowned digital center.

“Dave has an excellent reputation built through decades of experience,” Digital Jersey CEO Tony Moretta said. “We know he fully understands the unique advantages we have here in Jersey and will help spread the message off-island that we are open for business in the fintech arena.”

Formally known as the Balliwick of Jersey, the 45 square mile island has been the site of a significant amount of technology innovation compared to its larger, neighboring jurisdictions. Jersey was a pioneer in bringing full-fiber broadband to every home and, in 2016, the Jersey Financial Services Commission, was among the first jurisdictions in the world to implement a virtual currency regime.

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Photo by Matt Hardy from Pexels