Designer ring replaces carrying cards

Designer Philippe Starck introduces AEKLYS, a ring that replaces and stores all credit card and bank card information into one wearable device.

The ring is worn on the index finger and is activated by pressing on the black portion and waving it in front of a contactless reader. It was developed using proprietary technology from ICARE Technologies in France, and is compatible with Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX, according to a report in Acquire Magazine.

The ring requires no charging and no battery or having a smartphone or network available. It automatically updates its own software and gains its energy back when it’s used.

From credit and debit cards or transport passes to even personal business card information, the ring can store information making contactless payments or sending information easy.

Starck ensures the ring is extremely secure, using technologies like an instant deactivation system to fight against fraud or theft. It features an antimicrobial finish and IP57-rated water resistance.

“The elegance of human evolution must follow the scenario of dematerialization,” says Starck. “We need less material, less products and more intelligence, more power.”

The ring costs $295 USD, but can only be purchased in France or on Starck’s website.