ECOMMPAY Launches New Payment Solution for Rideshares

With shared mobility schemes on the rise in urban spaces worldwide
offering greater convenience, lower cost of ownership, and reduced
environmental impact, ECOMMPAY’s new payment
solution enables mobility companies to expand successfully into new

The EU and UK regulated company’s new offering
functions in the UK, Europe, Central Asia, Russia and CIS, and can
be tailored to individual business’ needs. ECOMMPAY allows
mobility companies to offer their customers familiar payment
methods, while at the same time building a unified payment process
to ensure brand continuity and accessibility in all markets.

Companies can accept rides and facilitate bookings
both online and via smartphone, while customers can use any
available payment method to complete their transactions, including
Apple and Google Pay. Card payment details can be saved and stored
safely and securely for future payments using tokenisation.

Other features of ECOMMPAY’s multiple solutions
include a zero-amount authorisation so riders can verify their
cards without being charged, customisation based on language,
currency and design preferences, and fully native SDK integration.
Payments linked to a mobile app facilitate the withdrawal of a
small amount of money at the end of a ride so that companies can
authorise a predetermined amount and only need to charge for the
precise time the vehicle was rented. This means users can pay as
they go without needing to commit to longer-term usage or

The offering integrates seamlessly and effectively
into existing mobility ecosystems, and can be used for ridesharing
and carsharing, taxi and ride-hailing, bike and scooter sharing,
and delivery services.

This solution comes in the wake of
declining car ownership
and law changes in the UK to allow
electric scooters to be used on roads as consumers and Governments
act to cut C02 emissions. ECOMMPAY has enjoyed steady growth since
its launch in 2012, and has built a global presence with six
international offices and operations in key markets including Asia,
Europe, Africa, Russia and the UK.

The company is a principal member of Visa and
Mastercard, and a member of Visa Direct and MoneySend, as well as
being the first payment provider on the PayPal Commerce Platform
and the first acquirer to implement a Mastercard Dashboard.

Paul Marcantonio, Executive Director
of ECOMMPAY, commented: “We are witnessing a major transformation
in the way we travel around urban spaces, with micromobility and
mobility-as-a-service set to become the future for transport.

“For growing mobility companies, payment
infrastructure needs to be a priority if a flawless customer
experience is to be created and maintained across all markets. Our
new solution is designed to help businesses keep pace with a
constantly moving industry. We understand the pain points that
occur for scaling mobility companies, and we are here to help you
overcome them.”

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ECOMMPAY Launches New Payment Solution for Rideshares
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