Exclusive Whitepaper: Extending the Benefits of Digital Document Management


Many systems for managing the document life-cycle process could be more efficient.

Banks and financial technology (fintech) companies commonly use document life-cycle management solutions to make their back-office functions run more smoothly. To take full advantage of these systems, organizations must be able to transform documents into a format they can work with.

However, this crucial first step in the process remains cumbersome for many organizations. Even after documents are in the system, organizations need to be able to do more than view them. “The key to managing back-office tasks more efficiently is capturing and extracting data from documents without bogging employees down with manual processes,” said Tracy Schlabach, Director of Marketing at Accusoft. The ability to work with documents and their data can help organizations realize the full efficiency of a comprehensive document management solution.

Recently, Finovate surveyed fintech and banking companies on behalf of Accusoft to gain a better idea of the current capabilities available in document management systems, and the challenges these firms face in using them more efficiently. Read the full report now >>