Fibank and Mastercard help launch MyFin digital wallet

Fibank and Mastercard have presented MyFin digital wallet, a platform for fast money transfers and online payments. MyFin digital wallet users can instantly apply for and be issued a digital debit card, or request a plastic card to be delivered to them by courier, according to a press release.

Cards issued by MyFin branded by Mastercard and can be used to make online payments as well as payments at POS terminals. Additional features include: allowing users to exchange payments with other MyFin customers; ordering payments faster and less expensive compared to traditional bank transfers; receiving real-time information on account balances and transactions performed as well as 24/7 consultation with qualified live operators.

MyFin uses innovative technology for production, in partnership with the company AUSTRIACARD. The cards are made of biodegradable material and delivered to customers in recycled paper packaging, and for every 100 plastic cards issued MyFin commits to planting one tree.