Finance in the Metaverse Era Should be Green and Sustainable by Default

The following is a sponsored blog post from Finastra.

Post-pandemic recoveries stalled by rocketing energy prices are leading to calls for stalling a green transition that has already begun. But the costs to businesses due to climate-related weather events within the next four years will be over $1 trillion.

Investors and financial institutions are increasingly applying non-financial factors (Environmental, Social, and Governance) as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. Also, there is a high interest coming from consumers in the sustainability of businesses and how they impact the environment.

But because of the broad range of indicators coupled with the lack of standards, transparency, and unified reporting makes it a challenge to assess and measure true, impactful ESG credentials and the sustainability of a business.

At the same time, many banks have started to embrace/experiment in the Metaverse including DBS Bank in partnership with The Sandbox with a focus on driving sustainability. Will this be an opportunity or a challenge for financial institutions keen to demonstrate their commitment to a more sustainable future?

To help navigate these challenges Finastra invited three experts in ESG and Sustainable Finance alongside Christophe Langlois, their Global Marketing Lead, Fintech & Developer Ecosystem at Finastra, who hosted this insightful conversation:

  • Marcus Cree, MD Financial Technology and Services, GreenPoint Global
  • Tanuj Pasupuleti, CEO, Bankify
  • Jay Mukhey, Global Director of ESG, Purpose & Impact, Finastra

They discussed the following topics:

  • The case of ‘greenwashing’ in 2022 and how to identify it.
  • The main differences in terms of sustainable finance adoption and challenges between the key regions of the world?
  • The opportunities that come with sustainable finance.
  • The essential role open/API banking plays in fostering sustainable finance.
  • Metaverse from a sustainable finance standpoint.

To learn about the successful adoption of ESG and sustainable finance and what solutions are available right now on the market, watch the video by visiting this page.

Photo by Michael Marais on Unsplash