Financial Infrastructure API Companies Garnering Attention

The financial infrastructure space has always been interesting, right from when MEDICI started following it 6–7 years ago. During that time, very few people seemed to be interested in it. However, we saw its potential in terms of what it could do and become. Since 2015, we have been seeing an increasing interest in this space. With the rise of open banking over the past 3–4 years, APIs (in general) and financial infrastructure APIs have garnered much interest. APIs have saved FinTech companies and even larger companies from the trouble of building entire stacks by themselves. With the help of APIs, smaller companies can compete with larger establishments by resolving the challenges that were ignored or put off due to incapacity.

We track over 200+ financial infrastructure API companies. In the last article, we had mentioned few of the companies. Taking a step further, we want to showcase more companies and the funding received (by region). The financial infrastructure space is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Here are some c …