FinovateEurope Digital 2021 Sneak Peek: Stylopay

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateEurope Digital on March 23 through 25, 2021. Register today and save your spot.

Stylopay’s Zoqq is a self-service application and management portal for corporate card programs. Apply in 30 minutes and get approved in 7 days. Pay only card cost.


  • Apply in 30 minutes and get approved in 7 days
  • Get and manage programs in different countries and different currencies
  • Start with 100 cards at low costs with complementary admin and user portals

Why it’s great
Fast application and approval with programs in multiple geographies.


Sanjit Ghanti, COO
Ghanti is a payments expert. He has a background in hosted BPAAS solutions, business transformation, and operations. He manages IT infrastructure, product launch, and operations.

Avishek Singh, CEO
Singh has experience in marketing, finance, and start-ups. He also manages business connections, contributes to marketing strategies, and is passionate about innovation.