FinovateFall 2021 Sneak Peek:

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateFall on September 13-15, 2021. Register today and save your spot. is a data platform for credit unions that uses machine learning to dynamically generate segment of one digital experiences.


  • Personalization at scale for credit unions
  • Big data
  • AI/ML automated

Why it’s great
People think that digital banks are winning because of superior user experiences. In reality, they are winning because they use data to acquire new customers. brings that to CUs.


Craig McLaughlin, CEO
McLaughlin is the CEO of Over the last two decades, he has driven segment-of-one experiences for large-scale FIs, community banks, credit unions, and fintech start-ups.

Mark Ryan, Chief Analytics Officer
Ryan leads the data team at to set and achieve ROI goals, data strategies, digital channel reporting, and establish processes for data analysis for customers.