FinovateFall 2023 Sneak Peek: SAVVI AI

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateFall in New York on September 11 and 12. Register today and save your spot.

SAVVI AI is the fastest way for product and data teams to build and deploy AI apps in minutes with their patented Agile AI platform – no data scientists, pre-existing data, or custom infrastructure required.


  • Easy-to-use: No need for data science, or AI expertise
  • Fast to Value: Complete end-to-end solution – launch in days
  • Cold Start AI: Start AI use cases without any historical pre-existing data

Why it’s great

SAVVI’s Agile AI platform is the fastest and easiest way to add the power of machine learning automation to a company’s decision trees, products and workflows – teams can start with just a spreadsheet.


Maya Mikhailov, CEO & Co-Founder
Mikhailov’s previous company was acquired by Synchrony, where she led a division building AI products and services. She’s a speaker on AI and former NYU professor.

Alex Muller, CPO & Co-Founder
Muller is the former CEO at GPShopper (acquired by Synchrony) and was CPO at Synchrony in AI and EIR. He holds dual masters from CMU in Engineering and a MBA and 5 patents.

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