FinovateFall 2023 Sneak Peek: Wysh

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateFall in New York on September 11 and 12. Register today and save your spot.

Life Benefit by Wysh is an innovative value-add that embeds micro-life insurance into deposit products, providing differentiation, cost management, and financial inclusivity.


  • Attracts, retains, and differentiates deposits
  • No opt-in, underwriting, or sign up
  • Seamless integration in under 30 days

Why it’s great

Life Benefit brings protection to each company’s deposit strategy while also cultivating a way to differentiate among a sea of indistinguishable deposit offerings.


Alex Matjanec, CEO & Head of Vision
Matjanec has dedicated his career to empowering people to have the full confidence of financial protection.

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