FinovateFocus: From Payments and Remittances to Data Technology

This week featured the second of our new, all-digital FinovateFocus conferences. With a theme on payments, remittance, and foreign exchange within the fintech industry, our day-long offering of rapid-fire presentations and live roundtable Q&A sessions provided a fast-paced, no-fluff opportunity for financial services professionals to get up to speed on the latest in fintech – and to make the kind of high-quality connections that will lead to partnerships and collaborations in the weeks and months to come.

Scheduled for the fourth Thursday of every month, FinovateFocus enables like-minded professionals to discuss top issues within fintech, advance business objectives, and grow their networks.

To whet your appetite for our upcoming FinovateFocus in April, which will focus on Data Technology, here’s a look at the speakers and topics from our just-concluded FinovateFocus in March. In the meanwhile, to learn more about our upcoming April FinovateFocus event on April 22nd, visit our FinovateFocus hub today.

  • Millicent Tracey, Digital Payments Advisor, NACHA, on the buy now/pay later phenomenon in e-commerce. LinkedIn
  • Fergal de Clar, Marketing Manager, Fabrick International, on managing subscriptions from your banking app as a value-add for customers and an opportunity for customer engagement. LinkedIn.
  • Josh Stephens, VP of Product, Current, on the rising importance of instant payments. LinkedIn.
  • Matt King, Head of Payments Platform, Brex, on the build it or buy it innovation question with regard to financial partnerships at a time of hypergrowth. LinkedIn.
  • Timothy Chiodo, Director & Lead Analyst: Payments, Processors and Fintech, Credit Suisse, with a selection of key themes and topics on the minds of payments, processors, and fintech investors. LinkedIn.
  • Colin Wynd, Head of Real Time Payments Technology, The Clearing House, on the impact of faster and real-time payments. LinkedIn.
  • Mark Ruddock, CEO, BFS Capital, on how a new generation of small business owners is demanding change. LinkedIn.
  • Christopher Simco, VP, Emerging Payments Product Management, TD Bank, on how payments and innovation tempo are shaping consumer trust in banking. LinkedIn.
  • Gilles Ubaghs, Senior Analyst, Aite Group, on innovation in the payments industry, the familiar versus the new. LinkedIn.

To learn more about our upcoming April FinovateFocus event on April 22nd, visit our FinovateFocus hub today.

Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels