FinovateSpring 2022 Sneak Peek: OpenAlt

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateSpring in San Francisco on May 18 and 19. Register today and save your spot.

OpenAlt offers a capital raising and custodial platform for private businesses and their investors, including private offerings marketplace, due diligence, transaction processing, and data reconciliation solutions.


  • Private market investment research and due diligence
  • Transactional automation
  • Seamless custodial integration and reporting

Why it’s great

OpenAlt bridges the gap between financial advisors and investable private businesses to allow for better diversification of the investment and retirement portfolios.


Nikita Brodskiy, Co-Founder
Brodskiy has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry and FinTech. He holds an M.S. in Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Anton Charnotski, Co-Founder
Charnotski is a seasoned software architect, platform builder, and engineering leader. He has extensive experience in the custodial space and holds an IRA Services Professional certification (CISP).