FinovateSpring 2023 Sneak Peek: Deception And Truth Analysis (D.A.T.A.)

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateSpring in San Francisco on May 23 and 24. Register today and save your spot.

D.A.T.A. provides lightning fast and highly accurate analysis of investment due-diligence documents for their level of deceptiveness and truthfulness.


  • Provides unique actionable insights for investment decision makers
  • 350x faster than investment professionals
  • Scientifically rigorous and validated

Why it’s great

Accurate assessment of deceptiveness and truthfulness is predictive of future investment outcomes.


Jason Voss, Co-Founder & CEO
Voss is a retired five-star and Lipper #1 portfolio manager. He is an author, deception scientist, conscious capitalist, and meditator.

Nandan Shah, Co-Founder & COO
Shah is an accomplished executive with a background in public and private market investing and a passion for entrepreneurship.