FinovateSpring Digital 2021 Sneak Peek: Urjanet

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateSpring Digital on May 10 through 13, 2021. Register today and save your spot.

The Equifax Payment Insights solution, powered by Urjanet, empowers lenders to seamlessly integrate consumer-permissioned utility payment history into lending decisions.


  • SOC 2 and GDPR-compliant data security
  • Enhanced risk assessment with historical and recurring payment data
  • API connections to utility and telecom accounts from across the globe

Why it’s great
With Payment Insights, consumers can share information to create a more complete financial profile, enabling lenders to better reach 63 million underbanked or unbanked adults.


Corrigan Nolan, Director of Product Management
Nolan is on a mission to help people and businesses function more efficiently by automating tasks, with a background in product design and product management.

Michael Pecen, VP Alternative Data Product & Strategy, Equifax
Pecen leads Alternative Data Product for Equifax, focusing on how consumer-permissioned and alternative data will empower consumers and improve credit lifecycle, screening, and identity processes.