FinovateWest Digital 2020 Sneak Peek: Boss Insights

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateWest Digital on November 23 through 25, 2020. Register today and save your spot.

Boss Insights‘ single API captures real time business financial data (Quickbooks, Salesforce, Stripe, etc.). The data aggregation platform is proven and trusted by FIs globally.


  • Cut costs with one minute automation
  • Reduce portfolio risk with the broadest data coverage
  • Delight business customers with a best in class process

Why it’s great
Easy access to 3rd party verified information to delight business lenders and borrowers. Leads to 50% more loans processed, 80% faster decisioning and servicing, and 90% digitization.


Keren Moynihan, CEO
Moynihan is a former banker and second time founder. She was awarded 2020 Unicorn Challenge and 2019 Top Leader in Lending. Moynihan is also featured in Forbes, ABA, and Financial Brand saying APIs are key to lending.