First National Bank of Omaha launches CaaS

First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) has launched Bend by FNBO, a new credit card-as-a-service (CaaS) solution that allows companies to offer customized credit cards.

Bend by FNBO runs on open APIs while offering customers the flexibility of an embeddable card, Marc Butterfield, senior vice president at $26 billion FNBO, told Bank Automation News.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

“The world is changing, and things are becoming more automated and modularized and decentralized,” Butterfield said. “That’s how people are going to be banking, and they’re going to go with a brand they love and an experience they like, and they’re going to just want more products in that same experience.”

The service is an extension of Omaha, Neb.-based FNBO’s partnership with card issuer and payment solution platform, Marqeta, which offers simple integration through open APIs, Butterfield told BAN.

The CaaS will allow companies to issue branded credit cards quickly with access to a self-service dashboard to configure and manage cards in real time, he added.

While FNBO has not announced partners for the service, it is open to working with outside brands to issue credit cards, Butterfield said.

“What we have learned and talking to customers is that they want (products) delivered differently,” he said. “Eventually, our current customers are going to want it delivered a certain way, too, once they become more digitally mature.”

Meanwhile, the bank in May announced a partnership with fintech Greenlight for the Family Cash Card, which allows parents to save for their children’s futures, according to a past release.

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