Fiserv launches Clover Station Pro to boost restaurant efficiency

Fiserv launches Clover Station Pro to boost restaurant efficiency

Fiserv Inc. has rolled out Clover Station Pro, a POS device designed to speed checkout and boost engagement, particularly in the restaurant industry. The device, which provides a customer-facing countertop display and vertical software aimed at both table-service and counter-service restaurants, supports multiple forms of digital wallets and has a highly secure interface to prevent fraud, according to a company press release.

“Compared to previous hardware releases, Station Pro is the first system we’ve debuted that allows merchant and customer interaction to happen simultaneously,” Travis Balinas, director of Clover product marketing, said via email. “So when a merchant is ringing up a customer, the customer can in turn be doing other things like enrolling in a rewards program, redeeming earned perks or donating to charitable causes on their screen.”

The company has also developed software aimed at fast casual and quick-serve restaurants, which Balinas said helps address three areas of focus:

  • Staying connected: It makes it easier to send orders to the kitchen, build complex menus and access reporting for single or multiple location restaurants from just about any location.
  • Focusing on retention: It uses integrated rewards to focus on relationships with existing customers and keeps them coming back.
  • Simplifying operations: It allows for a unified system to send orders to kitchen, bookkeeping integration, centralized daily sales, inventory and cash flow and provides tools for loyalty programs. 

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