Garanti BBVA launches mobile-first credit card

Turkish bank, Garanti BBVA’s customers can now apply for a mobile-first credit card which combines a mobile wallet that supports QR and mobile payments, with a ‘blank’ physical card without a printed credit card number, expiration date or CVC code printed on it. Instead, the physical version of the new Bonus Diji card’s credentials are stored securely on the bank’s mobile banking app, Garanti BBVA, according to a report in NFCW.

“Once approved, customers will be able to start shopping immediately, thanks to the built-in QR and mobile payment features, without having to wait to receive the physical card,” stated a bank’s spokesperson in the report.

The bank introduced the blank credit card because “many customers are concerned about the possibility of having their credit card details inadvertently copied. However, with this new card, the problem disappears,” according to the bank.