Gentex and PayByCar partner for in-vehicle contactless payments

Gentex Corporation, a digital vision and connected car technologies provider, and PayByCar Inc., a provider of transactional vehicle solutions, have partnered to give drivers the freedom to pay for gas from their vehicle without using a credit card or cash, according to a press release.

The process works due to compatibility between Gentex’s Integrated Toll Module and PayByCar’s payment solution. Drivers use their smartphone and toll transponder to fuel up at designated gas stations without using cash or a credit card. PayByCar uses the driver’s toll transponder to identify the vehicle upon entering a participating gas station. The system immediately sends a text message to the driver, who replies with the appropriate pump number. PayByCar then turns on the pump, registers the transaction, charges the driver’s credit card and issues an email receipt.

Gentex supplies automakers with an Integrated Toll Module, a nationwide toll collection technology for factory integration into new vehicles. The system provides drivers with almost complete access to toll roads throughout the U.S. while eliminating the need for multiple transponders or plastic passes cluttering the windshield. By ensuring compatibility between the two technologies, Gentex and PayByCar are confident that they will grow their customer base and introduce new users to transactional vehicle benefits.

“It’s truly a win-win relationship for both companies,” Neil Boehm, chief technology officer for Genex, said in the release. “PayByCar affords ITM customers added functionality while we help expand PayByCar’s user base. As ITM grows in popularity and PayByCar expands transaction locations, everyone benefits.”