German banking network pilots entertainment, banking kiosks

German banking network pilots entertainment, banking kiosksKlaus Pohlmann of DZ Bank AG and Stephan Grull of VR Entertain present the VR eKiosk at a DZ Bank branch in Dusseldorf. Photo courtesy of VR Entertain.

Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, a cooperative financial network in Germany, has deployed self-service terminal kiosks in 23 locations throughout Germany to create additional revenue streams, according to a press release. The VR eKiosk offers prepaid cards, SIM cards, vouchers, shopping and music.

“The customer can not only buy prepaid mobile phone cards at the VR eKiosk and carry out the necessary identity verification; he even gets his ready-to-use SIM card directly from the terminal’s discharge chute,” Stephan Grüll, board member of VR Entertain, the financial network’s customer loyalty portal for entertainment products, said in the press release. “Prepaid credit is also available at the VR eKiosk. In addition, the customer can purchase instant voucher cards for apps, games, shopping and music.”

In addition, an advertising marketing module is integrated into the VR eKiosk, which offers both national and smaller, regionally active companies advertising options on the 32-inch multi-touch screen.

The VR eKiosk has a receipt and ticket printer, an ejector for SIM cards and a payment terminal for direct payment processing. Users have round-the-clock access to the VR eKiosk, which is set up in the publicly accessible self-service areas of the member banks.

“With the VR eKiosk, we arrive in the leisure and adventure world of customers,” said Klaus Pohlmann, department director of solution management, payment services and value-added solutions at DZ Bank AG, a Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken member bank. “Regardless of opening times, we bring attractive, non-banking products to the branches of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. This means that the terminal can become an important building block on the way from classic counter operation to an omnichannel bank.”

The pilot is designed for one year with plans to roll out the VR eKiosk in the more than 9,300 branches of the approximately 850 cooperative banks.