GLEIF Partners With Open Future World Directory to Support Open Banking Collaborations

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) and Open Future World have announced their partnership with the aim of helping open banking and open finance organisations to collaborate.

The recently launched Open Future World Directory is the first easily searchable directory of organisations and brands engaging in open banking and open finance. By including Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) within listings, the directory enables better decisions about who to connect to and do business with.

“The Legal Entity Identifier is a global standard for transparent and unique identification of legal entities. Users of the Open Future World Directory now benefit from quick and easy identification of the listed organization by linking to its validated and verified profile in the Global LEI Repository,” said Clare Rowley, GLEIF Head of Business Operations.

For Open Future World co-founder Nick Cabrera, the partnership with GLEIF is a natural fit. “Whether you are talking about customers choosing to share their financial data, or financial institutions and fintechs working together, trust is a key theme in open banking and open finance. LEIs help enhance transparency by making it easier to know who you are dealing with.”