Glia, MeridianLink improve loan origination with digital customer service

Glia, a provider of digital customer service, has partnered with MeridianLink, a developer of multi-channel account opening and loan origination platforms to bring digital customer service to MeridianLink’s bank and credit union clients.

The companies will collaborate services, combining Glia’s communications with the loan origination process platform, giving customers the ability to communicate with financial institutions through their channel of choice, whether it’s voice, messaging, video or a combination of all three, according to a press release.

In addition, lenders can leverage advanced tools such as co-browsing to view customers’ screens and solve problems in real time. The partnership will also allow MeridianLink’s bank and credit union clients to reduce friction, increase efficiencies and ultimately close more loans.

Partnering with Glia also will enable MeridianLink’s financial institutions to provide a smoother, more convenient lending experience, eliminating the need for borrowers to authenticate who they are and what their problem is. This will improve efficiency and foster a strong, personal customer experience between the lender and consumer.

“The need to digitally transform financial services, including how banks and credit unions approach customer service, has become increasingly apparent this year, said Dan Michaeli, co-founder and CEO of Glia.

Our technology provides customers with a level of continuity and choice that has not previously been available, leading to easier, more natural interactions between borrower and representative. Plus, call times are reduced, and representatives are empowered to help multiple borrowers at once. We are excited about partnering with MeridianLink— together, we are helping banks and credit unions lower costs, strengthen loyalty and carve out a strong competitive edge.”