Goldman Sachs and American Express Collaborate on a Cloud-based Corporate Payments

A partnership between Goldman Sachs and American Express will give corporate clients the ability to leverage a cloud-based payment service that supports multiple payment options and provides data and analytics in a single, integrated platform.

“A major pain point for our large commercial card clients is managing multiple platforms and myriad time-consuming, costly and complex processes to make, track, and reconcile thousands of payment transactions every day,” American Express EVP of Global Commercial Services Dean Henry explained. He said that the partnership would help drive modernization in B2B payment operations, “setting a new standard in transaction banking for big business by offering access to faster payments and real-time tracking that can increase efficiency and reduce costs.”

The partnership will embed AMEX’s virtual cards into Goldman Sachs’ Transaction Banking platform, TxB, which currently offers ACH, wire, and foreign currency payments. Additionally, the integrated solution will include:

  • A simple “one flow” process that combines both virtual card and non-card payment activity into a holistic set of B2B payment instructions
  • An intelligent payments engine that routes payments into specific payment channels to optimize buyer preferences based on speed and cost
  • Access to spend data and analytics via a dashboard accessible to both buyers and suppliers, including real-time updates on payment status
  • Actionable insights to enable corporate CFOs to make better, more informed decisions

Goldman Sachs launched its Transaction Banking platform in June 2020 in the United States, and extended the service to the U.K. a year later. Since its stateside launch over a year ago, Goldman Sachs has bagged more than 250 clients, realized more than $35 billion in deposits, and processed trillions of dollars through its systems. The TxB platform leverages a set of RESTful APIs to empower clients to create virtual accounts, originate payments and track account activity, as well as review and manage payments from third parties. The technology is geared principally for direct users, such as corporate treasurers, and also serves as a payments and banking-as-a-service platform for Goldman Sachs’ clients to offer their end users.

“As we surveyed our clients we heard consistent feedback that there was scope to improve the cash management and payment processing set of services,” Goldman Sachs Global Co-Head of the Investment Banking Division Jim Esposito said this summer when the technology was launched in the U.K. He underscored the firm’s 150-year track record in financial and risk management experience, adding “we see huge potential to grow this business in the U.K. and globally.”

The new payment service is already available to select clients. General availability is expected in early 2022.

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels