How financial institutions, credit unions can improve operations, customer experiences

The coronavirus forced financial institutions to search out new ways to engage with customers.

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Podcast Summary:

When the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020, no one could have anticipated that within six months, businesses would be faced with an entirely new landscape in which to speak to and engage their customer base.

Providing effective solutions to engage customers, as well as providing an ease of operations for leading brands, is a subject that Evan Siegal knows well.

Among Siegel’s achievements is developing an innovative financial health coaching team for Wells Fargo that was featured on the company’s 2019 brand campaign, annual report and ABC News Good Morning America.

At eGain, Siegel extended the company’s award-winning AI, knowledge management and customer engagement technology from customer service to the sales domain. His attention to detail and ideas to improve the financial landscape and health of his customers, and in turn, their customers, is always top-of-mind.

Siegel provides banks and credit unions with a variety of ways to better support their members, especially at a time when companies are dealing with the result of a 6-month worldwide shutdown. The company believes, “Customer service is one of the few ways organizations can differentiate themselves and increase market share.” One of the ways this is done, he said, is by setting up customer engagement hubs with products for web self-help email response management, web collaboration and knowledge management.

The idea of customer service and customer engagement is key to the success of a business, especially now. By improving the customer experience on the web and increasing the training of customer service agents and deploying unique AI concepts and technology, companies can actually reduce costs as they improve the speed and quality of response in its service channels.

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