how will the pandemic will accelerate the ‘data differentiators’? [Whitepaper]

Coming into 2020, the data landscape was already subject to significant transformative forces. COVID-19 has now ushered in unprecedented disruption, impacting not just customer and employee health and safety but also business continuity and the financial system as a whole.

In times of crisis, particularly of this scale, it is a challenge to plan beyond the next few weeks, let alone months. However existing data challenges will not disappear in the meantime – in fact, COVID-19 only re-emphasizes the need to address them in the most diligent and forward-looking manner possible.

Chris Probert, UK Head of Data at Capco, believes the pandemic brings into sharp focus new challenges for financial institutions. The proliferation of digital channels/offerings will continue, if not accelerate – and data organizations will play a critical role in helping the industry respond to this market dynamic in an effective and efficient way.

In the attached paper, Chris examines how the pandemic will accelerate the ‘data differentiators’ that will ultimately separate successful firms from those that will be left behind during these testing times.

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